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The Quran & modernity

Print edition : February 22, 2013

The sharia prescribes stoning to death for adultery, but nowhere in the Quran is there anything remotely related to stoing, says Ziauddin Sardar. Here, the reformist Iranian lawmaker Elaheh Koulaee at an extraordinary congress of the Iran Islamic Participation Front in Tehran in December 2002. Iran's women legislators launched a campaign to abolish stoning as a punishment, but the practice still survives. Photo: HASAN SARBAKHSHIAN/AP

A member of the sharia police force known as Wilayatul Hisbah insists on inspecting the clothes of girls relaxing in a park in Indonesia's Banda Aceh, in December 2012. Sharia police personnel patrol parks and beaches every day looking for unmarried couples, Muslim women without headscarves or those wearing tight clothes, and people drinking alcohol or gambling. Photo: DAMIR SAGOLJ/REUTERS

The Quran, the Word of God, is understood only by the fallible mind of man.
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