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Print edition : October 24, 1998

As a child, N. Ravikiran could identify over 325 ragas and 175 talas by the time he was two years old. By five years of age, he was a career-vocalist who was able to render over 500 compositions.

Grandson of the gotuvadyam (chitravina) exponent, Narayana Iyengar, Ravikiran began playing the instrument very early and started giving public performances before he was 12 years old. In the last two decades he has given concerts and lecture demonstrations around the world.

Ravikiran has been invited to perform in major international music festivals such as the Autumn Festival of France (in 1985), the Rang Raag Festival in the United Kingdom (1986), the International Festival of Radio France (1987), the Brisbane International Festival (1996) and the Festivals of India in France, Germany and Switzerland. He was among the three international artists to be invited to perform for the Swiss National Television in a special World Music Programme in February 1998.


The youngest musician to receive a title, Ravikiran has been honoured with awards such as the Sangeeth Samraat, Sangeetha Choodamani, Kumar Gandharva Samman, Chitravina Gana Varidhi, Isai Peroli and Star of India.

Ravikiran has composed over 325 pieces - including ballets and fusion - in five languages.

Author of several articles and some books, Ravikiran in 1987 organised a 72-hour relay concert for world peace. He is the founder of the International Foundation for Carnatic Music and the Musician's Benevolent Fund. He has students in different countries, to some of whom he offers innovative tele-teaching.

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