On the menhir trail

Print edition : September 06, 2013

Menhirs in Vembur, a village near Andipatti in Theni district. Photo: V. Vedachalam

The menhir at Kumarikalpalayam near Kunnathur in Erode district, which is nine metres in height. It is the tallest in Tamil Nadu. Photo: K.Ananthan

Two menhirs near a cist burial at Kodumanal village, about 40km from Erode town. Kodumanal was an ancient industrial and trade centre. Photo: V. Vedachalam

A cairn circle in the burial complex at Kodumanal. A cist burial is seen in the middle. Photo: K.Ananthan

The destruction of menhirs in Vembur in the Varusha Nadu region is typical of the fate of megalithic burial sites in other parts of Tamil Nadu.

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