Claying around in Andretta

Print edition : May 02, 2014

Biscuited pots waiting to be glazed and fired. Photo: df

The Norah Richards Art Centre in Andretta, in Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Photo: ddc

Jugal Kishore Sankhyan, who manages Andretta Pottery now, teaching students. Photo: mmm

Norah Richards' mud-brick home in Andretta, whch is now a museum of mud architecture. Photo: df

The Dauladhar range seen from Andretta. Photo: sudha mahalingam

Sun-dried pots.

Raj Kumar, a worker, at the kiln. Photo: fvcx

Jugal Kishore at work. Photo: df

Finished pottery. Andretta Pottery is much sought after for its unique slipware. Photo: dfs

Mani Simran Singh at the potting wheel in Andretta Pottery. Photo: hb

Wisteria in bloom, Andretta. Photo: dff

A Tibetan Buddhist monastery near Bir in Kangra. Photo: ddfd

Inside the Tibetan Buddhist monastery near Bir in Kangra. Photo: sdf

At the mela at Panchruki village. Village potting has virtually vanished and it is evident from the fare on sale here. Photo: dff

Holi celebrations in Andretta. Photo: sdf

Didi Contractor at her home in Sidhbari. Photo: asd

A mud-brick home in Sidhbari in Kangra Valley, designed by Didi Photo: hj

Wall art at Andretta. Photo: hgh

Norah Richards, from the personal collection of Mani Simran Singh. Photo: sdf

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